Upcoming Events



The Northeast Basketmakers Guild conducts several events each year for our members.  You must be a member to participate. 


Our major events are:


The Spring Gathering  is a 3 day basket making conference, featuring classes is all styles of basket making using a variety of materials.  Teachers from across the country join us for a relaxing weekend of baskets, weaving, and friends. 


 The NBG Annual Meeting for members is held on Saturday evening of The Gathering weekend.


Exhibits  are held in conjunction with The Spring Gathering.


The Summer Retreat   is a one day mid-summer treat with workshops, luncheon, tailgate sales, Traveling Basket, and our annual auction. 


Fall Retreat  is a one day fall retreat with workshops, luncheon, and sales.


Workshops  are held by various studios throughout the year.  In some local areas, Weaving Days are randomly held for Guild basket weavers to gather and share their knowledge and  friendship.  Local members must initiate these events.