NBG Scholarships for 2013


The 2013 scholarship winners were:
Susi Nuss Scholarship for professional basketmakers: Linda Scherz Allen
Bill Pope Scholarship for general members: Dorothy McGuinness

Anne Lima Scholaship for Nantucket weaver: Marie Kasparian

North County Scholarship: Lynn Goldberg


NBG Scholarships for 2014


Susi Nuss Scholarship (for professional basketmakers) $500

Bill Pope Scholarship (for general members) $500

North Country Basketmakers Scholarships  (preference to NH, VT, ME) $325


In 2014, The Northeast Basketmakers Guild is awarding a total of 3 scholarships.  Each year, we award two: the Susi Nuss Scholarship for professional basketmakers and the Bill Pope Scholarship for general membership. 


This year, we are awarding an additional one, funded by the former North Country Basketmakers Guild.  Preference will be given to residents of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.


The Northeast Basketmakers Guild will annually grant two $500.00 scholarships to members for educational pursuits directly relating to basketry.  These awards are being made to advance the founders’ original stated goal of "furthering interest and knowledge of the field of basketry".  One scholarship will be granted to a general member, and a second will be granted to a member who is either a professional basketmaker or a basketry instructor.  Financial need is not a requirement.


Applicants are required to have had a paid NBG membership for the previous 2 years.  For example, if you are applying for the March 2014 scholarship, you must be an NBG member for all of 2012 and 2013.  All applications must be submitted no later than March 31.  The scholarship winners will be announced at the next NBG Annual Meeting, generally held in the spring.  The scholarship certificates will be issued at that time.  NBG membership must be maintained until the completion of all scholarship obligations.


The educational pursuit must be completed within 2 years.  The winners will be required to share the educational experiences that this grant facilitated with the general membership in two ways.  First, they must write a newsletter article.  Second, at the Gathering or Summer Retreat, they will either provide a display, provide a demonstration, or teach a class, sharing what they learned.   Winners must maintain membership in NBG until their obligation is fulfilled.


For all scholarships, please fill out the one application.  Indicate which scholarship you are applying for.  Please convince the scholarship review committee that you should be chosen to receive the award.  If there are any questions or problems in filling out the application, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Upon receipt, each application will be numbered. The first page of the application will be removed to preserve confidentiality.  A panel of NBG members will then judge the applications.  Readability is important.