NBG Scholarship Winners for 2016


Susi Nuss Scholarship for professional basketmakers: Lynn Goldberg
Bill Pope Scholarship for general members: Karen Johnson


NBG Scholarships for 2017


Susi Nuss Scholarship (for professional basketmakers)

Bill Pope Scholarship (for general members)


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Northeast Basketmakers Guild (NBG) has two scholarships that may be awarded yearly at the Annual Meeting during The Gathering.


The Founders Scholarships are named for two members of the founding five people of NBG.  The scholarships were developed to advance the goal of furthering interest and knowledge of the field of basketry.  The Susi Nuss Scholarship was established as an award for an NBG member who is a teacher or professional basketweaver.  The Bill Pope Scholarship was established as an award for a member of NBG who is planning on furthering their interest and knowledge of basketry by means of a course, experience or period of study.


Each year in January, the president of NBG will select a member to coordinate a Scholarship Committee.  The coordinator will develop a committee of two-three members. They will be responsible for notifying NBG members of the scholarship process and choosing the winners from the field of applicants.  The committee reserves the right to not award a scholarship during given year, if guidelines are not meet by submitted applications.


Guidelines for applying for scholarships:


  1. An NBG member may apply for scholarships yearly.
  2. An applicant will have been an NBG member for past two years and must be a member for two years after award or until the completion of project. If unable to maintain membership, member will be return the monetary award to NBG.
  3. Financial need is not a requirement.
  4. Scholarship winners will wait three years before applying for another scholarship.
  5. Scholarship winners will share their experiences within NBG after completing their scholarship:
    1. by writing an article for the next newsletter
    2. by teaching a class, holding a demonstration, making a display or any other means of sharing information with the general membership


If you have any questions about scholarships, applications or the process, please contact the NBG president.


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 Past Winners


Year Susi Nuss Scholarship Bill Pope Scholarship Anne Lima Scholarship North Country Scholarship
2016 Lynn Goldberg Karen Johnson    
2015 JoAnn Kelly Catsos Peggy Thrasher    
2014 JoAnn Kelly Catsos Debra Rolfe   Carolyn Kemp
2013 Linda Scherz Allen Dorothy McGuiness Marie Kasparian Lynn Goldberg
2012 Susan Dirsa Linda Kinney    
2010 Alice Ogden Claudia Hopkins    
2009 Dona Nazarenko Janet Williams    
2007   Jenny Galli